Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clean Shaven

Havent been keeping up lately but this entry isnt going to be much anyway.  So last was a big Halloween party and I dressed up as New Jersey, spiked hair, lots of cologne, button down club shirt, lots of fist pumping and of course my state ID ha.  Although I was jaggerbombing and fist pumping all night, I did shave my face.  So keeping up with my new theme of changing my facial hair style every few weeks, here is my clean cut look:

Now this is not my personal favorite and i have only been clean shaven about 5 times in the past 2 years.  Mostly for job interviews (bc i was always "recommended" to shave for internship interview etc)...any way so i am clean shaven for now.  I will not keep this bc i think I look like a 17 year old. Also my face feels so weird without any hair.  Not sure what I will sport next, but "No Shave November" is coming up so maybe ill just go grizzly for the month? No shave at all...Or I heard about just sporting a mustache for a while.  We will see.  Ill post new pics though when I have progress on my new facial hair style.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The end of the NFL...

I think this weekend marked the starting point of the finish of the NFL.  Most I’m sure would not agree with what I am saying but I’ll try to argue my point to the best of my ability.  First let me say I love the NFL.  Football is a great sport and it’s hard not to like it.  Also, as an American I think it has surpassed Baseball as our more recent American Past time because MLB has been living under a cloud of steroids for the past 20 years and honestly people are sick of it.  Furthermore, I believe the NFL makes more money than the MLB, has a larger fan bases and plays less games a year so more people anticipate.  Baseball is a great sport, and I love baseball almost as much as football, but I think football has eclipsed baseball in numerous ways.

Why do I think the sport is dying? Well mostly because it’s a dangerous sport.  First let’s start with the human athlete.  Over the past 100 years, innovation and technology has made things more efficient, longer lasting, bigger or smaller (depending on what you discuss) and overall better (most things).  The same has happened with athletes.  Today you won’t find a serious athlete who is not in the gym or the practice field trying to get bigger stronger and faster (that’s what my trainers used to preach, and I think it is true).  With that said every major athlete is going to be on a hardcore diet with a hardcore lifting and conditioning program to make sure they are better than the next person.  So just within the last 20 years I would say from Emmitt Smith to Adrian Peterson, One might be stronger than the other.  Raw talent wise they might be the same but honestly imagine Adrian Peterson 20 years ago.  Would he not run past everybody?! If that’s not a great example then let’s go back 50 years.  Would the best running back then be better than the best running back now? I doubt it.  Why? Because today athletes are bigger stronger and faster then they have ever been.  It’s just part of the technology and innovation crazed society.

Now with that said, with bigger stronger athletes come faster players and harder hits.  People fly out of nowhere to come knock people out.  Kick off Units cruise down the field at top speed just to knock out the player with the ball.  This weekend a tragic play occurred on such a play when a young man from Rutgers became paralyzed from the neck down after colliding with the ball carrier.  No matter what it is too obvious that the game has been stepped up a notch from years ago.  So many concussions, so many injuries, and players are giving it 100% at all times.  Not a formula for safety.

There is another aspect which I blame on all parties and that is the lack of teaching.  Players don’t tackle anymore.  They try to either knock you out, or they trip you up.  Rarely in games is there a good tackle.  No one teaches good tackling anymore.  The only sport worth noting here is Rugby.  Go to a rugby game, or watch a match on TV.  They don’t even where pads, but I am willing to bet they have fewer injuries.  Why!? Because they tackle properly. I am not saying people don’t get hurt ever or knocked out, but the intent to injury is nullified by a good education on tackling and by a good culture of not trying to go head first into someone else’s head.  Tackling needs to be re taught to the kids and college athletes, and maybe injuries will go down.

On to the NFL.  So the NFL is dying because of these reasons plus all the sanctions/penalties that the NFL is implementing.  First it started with the horse collar.  Fine, maybe a good call.  Then Helmet to helmet.  Now essentially you can hit anyone hard! I’m not saying it’s ridiculous, but for god sake it’s ridiculous!  I mean how are linebackers and DE's supposed to play.  Are they supposed to be worried how hard they are going to hit a running back with 4.3 speeds?  No I don’t think that is going to happen.  If you are going to make a play, you are going to make it!  I understand that people are getting hurt, but sacrificing the integrity of the game will cost the NFL.  Soon they are going to replace pads with flags, and it will be flag football, with limited touch! Yeah that could happen.

Here are some ideas that might be able to keep the game the same, but add safety features. How about making better helmets.  We might not be able to cure cancer yet, but don’t you think we have the technology to make a good helmet?????!!!!!! I would hope so.  Next how about better mouth guards.  I was always preached too by my hockey coaches to wear your mouth guard for two reasons: 1) so you don’t bite your tongue off and jam your teeth together and 2) because it prevents concussions because it limits the shock.  I understand if you get the daylights knocked out of you your mouth guard might not do anything but still.  In addition, how about changing the surface of the field.  My roommates keep saying this but instead of laying the turf with concrete, how about a layer of rubber, concrete, rubber and maybe something a little softer of concrete so when a body is thrown to the ground, you are not falling on hard grass.  I know it sounds a little out there, but again with today’s innovation it should be possible.

Overall it seems like the dark cloud from baseball and steroids is moving over to the NFL and hard hits.  The NFL is in for some real trouble if they keep adding sanctions and penalties for hitting.  That’s part of the game, and if the NFL keeps its actions up, kids/fans will get less interested, which will create less football athletes and in 30 years, the NFL will be dried up like a desert.  I don’t see any other way it can be turned around.  All I know is come Sunday if I see flags and hear about suspensions for hits that might be hard, but could have been harder or something along those lines, I think I will be proving my point.  Also, if come Sunday more injuries occur, my point will also be proven.  Either or the NFL better get its umbrella because a storms' a comin.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God Damn Yankees

Well we have had three disappointing starts.  CC was not lights out, Hughes was ok but not great, plus our bullpen and batlessness syndrome did not help and then last night, Pettitte made one mistake and that was enough, plus again batlessness syndrome.  So basically it’s been a disappoint series so far.  I knew it was going to be a test but I figured we would have put up a little more of a fight than we have thus far.

The game 1 comeback was awesome and I figured taking 1 of 2 from Texas at Texas was pretty good.  In addition, i figured that might fuel the team to win game 2.  It did not.  In fact, it almost seemed like they thought they could do it again in Game 2 and when they did not, it was not a great feeling.  Again though, taking 1 of 2 on the road is a pretty good thing.

Game 3 was going to be a battle.  Anytime you face cliff lee you know it is going to be a battle.  Pettitte pitched really well, but gave up 2 runs of 1 hit, and it was a HR to Hamilton.  I mean it wasn’t a terrible pitch; Hamilton just reached out and got it.  And that was the game.  The Yankees bats were quite, very quiet, and our bullpen really had a chance to put the game in a comeback situation, but it gave up SIX RUNS IN THE 9th! Are you kidding me! That’s a great way to lose a game.  Our bullpen has actually been doing well up until the last two games, but it looks like we are back to normal.  Let me rephrase that a little.  Kerry Wood has been doing very well.  Mariano Rivera is the best.  It’s the rest that really just can’t do it.  It’s too bad, because if we were down only 2 runs going into the bottom of the ninth with a young reliever coming into the game (or it could have been a somewhat tired cliff lee again if the inning wasn’t so long) we could have had an opportunity.  But once you give up the third run and maybe the fourth run, the chances of comeback are cut in half and then a fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth run, there is no chance for a comeback.
I just hope tonight Burnett (if he even does pitch, last minute Girardi could technically put CC in) pitches well.  I feel like even though he has not had a good year, and has technically been benched this first part of the playoffs; he will have some desire and fire in his mind and throw a great game.  That’s just what I would like to see.  If we lose tonight series is over.  Maybe we win one more at home but I don’t think we will win two at Texas.  Just not going to happen.

On another note, if people did not notice, the cubs hired their interim manager for a 2 year deal.  What does that do to Girardi now?  The Yankees haven’t offered him an extension and the rumors were Girardi was most likely going to go to the cubs if the Yanks didn’t offer him anything.  Looks like the tables have turned.

Monday, October 18, 2010

changin up...

Ok so this weekend, a friend of mine and his roommates were throwing a country party, and keeping that in mind, I decided to shave my face accordingly.  That is right...I will post three pictures of my awesome facial hair...that is correct I said AWESOME!...and you can be the judge.

But this has led me to something more than just a facial configuration for a party.  Instead I think I will be shaving every 2 weeks and creating new facial hair styles every so often.  The only reason I cant do it every week is because my hair doesn't grow that fast or that thick.  As you will see my handlebar mustache is not as thick and lovely as the true supporters of such look.  Instead it was a sample of what is to come ha.  enjoy...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Progressive thinking in sports! LET'S GO!

Ok so first I know I'm a little late on the subject but the Michigan game this weekend was a disappointment but not surprise to me.  Honestly has Michigan played a worthy opponent besides MSU? I argue no.  Basically Uconn flopped and has had a mediocre season, Umass gave us trouble which immediately points to flaws in our defense, Notre Dame was a win only because the their starting QB was knocked out but also they have had a less than impressive year, and Indiana was a shoot out which in my mind says they were even opponents.  O yeah and bowling green, well thank god we pulled away.  Anyway, out true light showed finally.  Robinson was held to less than par numbers and our Defense got out played.  I don't necessarily put all the blame on one person but here is my thinking: 1) it seemed like Robinson was a lot more conservative in his running game and I think that is because Rich Rod was afraid if he ran the ball like he has, he would get injured because MSU had a legitimate defense, 2) I think our defense actually showed promise at times, and they did actually get a few stops so I was happy about that, 3) Denard made poor throws, just no excuses for it.  This game is going to lead to probably a few more losses in the Big 10.  I just don't see how we can beat Ohio State, Iowa and Wisconsin.  All very good teams and they have played legit teams and won and they have played crappy teams and blown them all out.  We have done neither!

So I'm sure this will lead to discussions about Rich Rod's job future but I think the UM AD should not fire Rich Rod.  I say this because he has only been there three years, and if he yanked him at the end of the season than the next coach is going to have to start from scratch and UM will have another three straight disappointing seasons.  The problem with all of this is basic: Rich Rod came in with a complete overhaul of the system, further away from traditional Michigan football than it has ever been, and so new players and personnel had to be brought in and it takes time for results to show when there is such a drastic change.  Yeah he has had three years, BUT his first recruiting class is juniors!  He really has not had enough time to implement the type of team he wants.

On the flip side, is his system going to even work in Big 10 football.  Rich Rod has a very different system than most Big 10 schools.  Michigan is not a big powerful team anymore, but now they are fast spread offense players.  No more huge backs, instead you have a combination of small backs that barely get used.  No professional QB, instead Denard Robinson.  It’s completely different from the normal flow that I am not sure if will be able to hold up against Big 10 football.  Again though, I think Rodriguez needs more time. 

Ok on another note, let’s go USA soccer!  They drew with Poland and are playing Colombia as I write this.  Unfortunately was unable to see the Poland game, and am unable to see tonight's game.  Sucks I know, but I rep'd my USA Onyewu Jersey today so shout out to America!

Ok finally, I just saw this article on and thought it was awesome but at the same time not surprising.  Basically the article was written from an interview with ESPN the magazine that states a former sports agent paid players he was trying to recruit while they were in college.  NOT A SHOCKER!

What is shocking is all of a sudden within the last few years the NCAA is trying to crack down on this and clearly LOSING! Honestly it’s like steroids in Pro sports.  or illegal drugs in America.  No matter what people try to do to prevent people from taking money from agents, using steroids in Pro sports, or smoking weed illegally, it’s going to happen! What the NCAA as well as other associations should figure out is that maybe players should make money in college. College is expensive FYI! And these players make the school Millions of dollars a year; let them sell their jerseys, sell autographed things...etc.  Don't let them have a salary per se, but let up on the damn rules.  Clearly they are not working! If a Heisman trophy winner got caught FIVE years after he was in college, imagine how much else the NCAA has missed or let go.  SCARY! It’s time for an overhaul of the system and maybe a more progressive approach instead of the rudimentary crap they have been preaching over the past 40 years.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Damn Yankees

Well over the past two days, the baseball world has had some exciting games. First, Texas looks good! I am surprised they are beating up on Tampa because Tampa has post season experience and they had a great year.  Maybe they slowed down at the end of the season and their momentum has not carried over to the post season.  The phillies are the team to beat.  There are no words to describe Halladay's no-hitter, but congrats to him.  I am still rooting against the phillies but they look very strong.  Didn't see the giants game last night, by Lincecum is one of the best pitchers in the majors and  a 1-0 victory and 14 strikeouts is a normal outing for the young man.  Scary i know. 

Ok now on to the good stuff.  How about those Yankees!? awesome! they are basically going to stretch their pitching out as much as they can because their bullpen has been shaky throughout the year minus the three guys they are starting (CC, Pettite and Hughes).  I worry most about Hughes because he has the least experience but if he pitches well, he is one of the best pitchers in baseball i would argue.  He did have 18 wins this season and only 8 loses so is definitely an well established pitcher.  CC was supposed to win and the Yankees pulled off a great come from behind win on Wednesday night but last night really showed me some old school Yankees.  Pettite who was a big question mark because he missed a few months due to a groin injury, and he did try to come back but his injury popped back up and people though he was done for the rest of the year.  A lot of people thought if pettite was not available for the playoffs the Yankees would lose.  Well pettite is certainly back and he is very necessary.  last night he was in old and peak from, and the Yankees looked like they were back in 1996 as the under dogs beating up on a team that was expected to be better than them.  Pettite pitched 7 great innings only giving up 2 runs and basically gave the ball to Kerry wood who looked great and than Marian Rivera closed the game out as he normally does.  It was a great game.  Not to mention their batting has been doing well. 

Its been a great series so far and cant wait for more.  hopefully the Yanks win and keep this momentum going.  LETS GO!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Expanded Horizion trip to Philly.....and Camden

So last week my class went on a five day field trip to Philadelphia, and a little excursion to Camden.  The purpose of our trip was two fold: 1) was to see some of Philadelphia's planning offices and companies and 2) was to bond with my fellow class mates.  Both were accomplished.

Philly is a cool city.  Planning wise it is very simple with the downtown and most of the surrounding city planned in a grid like pattern.  William Penn originally planned the city on a grid format and it has kept its general shape.  Overall, the population has declined steadily over the past 20 years or so going from 2.5million to 1.5million.  What has occurred through this population loss if many abandoned homes and areas, with high crime and poverty.  The weird part about their population loss and abandonment of homes and areas in the outer parts of the city is the core of the cite has grown.  I forget the numbers, but the core city has seen a boom in growth, and you can see a lot of condos and apartments being built or going up for sale.  This seems like a good thing, especially because the core city is where a city should try to attract people.  I think the problem with many cities, especially in today's urban sprawl, is too many people move out to the core of the city to gain amenities like lawns, cars (and driveways), garages etc... But then what ends up happening as has happened in Philly, is people either move out and cant fill their homes, or the economy tanks and more people do not want to move further away from the city but closer to the city so they can spend less on travel.  Now Philly is having this boom in their downtown area and it is creating some problems, especially congestion problems.  Some other interesting aspects of Philly was its waterfront.  Route I-95 that runs from Maine to Florida, runs along the Delaware river and basically blocks off most of the water front from the view of the public.  It is too bad because they said they have been trying to attract people through the water front and they are having little success.

Furthermore, two firms that I visited, HNTB Transportation and Post Green, were really cool companies.  HNTB is mainly an infrastructure engineering company that has developed some of the most famous bridges in America.  Additionally they are the ones who are working on the High Speed Rail program.  They were the real deal and sounded like an awesome company.  I thought they would be hard to top but Post Green was pretty awesome.  Post Green is an architecture firm that has been building sustainable houses for as little money as possible.  Their claim to fame is the 100k house.  This means that they uses 100-120 thousands dollars or less to pay for the materials to build the house.  Additionally, the houses are LEED Platinum and are basically as green as it can get.  They do not look aesthetically pleasing to the people who live in the area, but they seem popular with many young people and they certainly have the right ideas as to how a house should be built.

Aside from all the planning stuff i did on the trip, there was a social component, and a rather large one.  Or at least we made it a large one ha.  Anyway basically every night we had free we went out .  We had many stories that i will not share on a public forum, but the basic conclusion we all became a lot closer and had a great time.  O and some of us went to Camden, at 11pm at night.  Not the best idea we have ever had, but some of my friends really wanted to go, so we took a cab over the BF bridge and before we knew it we were wondering the streets of downtown Camden.  Not much going on in Camden, and after asking a police officer where the closest bar was, we were advised to leave because we were a "red flag."  Yeah, again not the smartest idea we had, but it was a good story for the rest of the trip.

Overall great time and good first month of the program.  I cant wait for the rest of the year.