Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nobody like Castle St.

Its been a rough few days for the HWS community. I wont go into detail, but my heart goes out to them.  This has led me to re-enforce my love toward my 4 best friends in the world.  I just want to say, to all who did not live with me you are still in my heart and mind, but this is just specific to my housemates. Barto, Pino, Shane and Danica, I love you guys.  Since day one, Barto and I have been roommates. Danica and Shane soon followed.  Pino was always a friend of mine, but he became my rock during a tough year after I came home from abroad.  I can not describe enough how much I love these people and how much they mean to me.  We have been through thick and thin over the last four years, and I know we will make it a life time.  These guys and girl are the best people i know and the best friends any person could have asked for.  I am so thankful and happy that we stay in contact constantly and see each other as much as possible.  You guys mean the world to me and I hope in tough times we pick each other up and in good times we drag each other along.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I root Lebron

Ok so here is a random rant about Lebron James, but I think after last night this is a relevant rant.

I want to clearly state I still like Lebron James.  He is still one of the best and most exciting player in the NBA, maybe minus Kobe, Durant and Carmello.  So if you liked him before he left Cleveland you should still like him.  My argument is against the Cavs.  Yeah that's right, I am defending Lebron, but let me explain.

First I do not agree with how Lebron went about making his decision.  It should have never been aired on TV like that, all the teams should have been notified before the national announcement, and  no body besides the teams, and James should have profited from the whole ordeal.

I blame media and some what Lebron for not having better sense but honestly Lebron is not a bad person.  He has been nothing but a great role model (besides this thing) his entire NBA career.

So who do I blame for this whole mess...?  The Cavaliers!

Lets go over this.  Lebron James was the face and franchise of the Cavaliers for seven seasons.  That means the Cavs office had 7 years to build a championship caliber team around Lebron.  What did they do, they pathetically tried and miserably failed. They brought in veterans like shaq, didnt work.  They thought their point guards (Mo Williams), was better then he really was.  Varajeo just gets in the way, and Ilgausks was the only player who has been any sort of success besides Lebron from the Cavs and now he isn't even there.  Bottom line, the Cavs office did a terrrible job of making a championship team!

You might say well lebron quit during some games.  Fine you can say that but he is still going to make any team better no matter if he plays at 50%.  He is better then any player even when he is playing at 50%, he is just that good.  Also, if lebron isn't playing well, why didn't his teammates pick him up and shine.  Well as i previously stated, they couldn't because they really were not a good team.  They had some players, play key roles at times, but not on a consistent basis and it proved come play off time.  When the Celtics Ray Allen has a down game, KG and Pierce pick him up and Vice Versa.  Same with the lakers, if Kobe isn't playing well then Gasol, Odom, Fisher, or any number of their players step up.  A truly good team has players that can shine in moments of hardship.

You might argue that lebron was making too much money for the Cavs to be able to sign a high end player to work with Lebron.  Well if they recruited better, they could have the same deal as Miami where Lebron took a pay cut! so throw that out...

The Fans say that lebron quit on them, that's total BS! He moved on with his life because he wants to win.  He was never going to win with the Cavs and that was clear last night.  Minus lebron, the Cavs have a similar team they had last year.  What did they do against Lebron last night...look stupid? maybe.  But they got blown out by lebron and company, who yet again proved why he is so good.

So cavs fans, stop crying! Stop bitching at lebron.  The Cavs messed up.  Turn your hate toward your team and not a single player.  Its always easy to blame the most popular and best, because they are an easy target, but you are just going to fuel the fire.  Why don't you think progressively and truly figure out it starts with the front office and how they deal with their star player.  Cleary they didn't deal with it very well.

I hope Lebron wins championship.  I don't agree with his grand announcement, but I don't blame him for leaving. How can you blame him? Kobe had players bought for him....Allen, KG, Pierce were put together, Jordan, Rodman and Pippen were put together...why cant the Heat take Lebron, Wade, and Bosh and put them together! yeah i understand they were all free agents and this is the first time something like this has ever happened, but i say its easy to point fingers.  NBA move on with your life, Cavs look for a new prospect and build your team from scratch.  Time to move on!

I root Lebron

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Shave November

Now that November is over, my beard has grown for a full 30 days.  I started on October 31st with a clean shaven face, and now I have as you can see a pretty bushy beard.  I am not sure what I am going to  do after this.  I am thinking that I will keep growing it and turn it into a finals beard...kind of like a playoff beard but for my last 2 1/2 weeks of classes and finals.  Also I have little time now to play around with my facial hair styles so the best i will do now is just trim it up to make it a little more clean but still keep it long and growing.  Here is the final product: